Saturday, January 4, 2014

"Alum" blogsite now up and running!

This site is a hub for all things "Alum" and crashable studios. We want to use it as place where people can come to get news updates, and pre-order/buy our point-and-click adventure game that is currently in development called, "Alum".

Also, in the near future we want to get Alum "green-lit" on steam to give it the exposure it needs to get the maximum amount of people to see/enjoy this incredble point-and-click game... so stay tuned for info on that as well.

For those who didn't get to back our kickstarter, but want to help support us while we create this awesome adventure, you can pre-order Alum by clicking on the paypal link and it will direct you to their site where you can purchase the game. There is also a "donation" paypal tab there as well, for any kind-hearted soul who wants to donate for the development of "Alum".

Thanks everyone for your support and stay tuned for updates...

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