Thursday, May 22, 2014

Crashable Studios @ VGU con!

Crashable Studios will be attending the VGU expo this August! We will have our own booth set up to showcase "Alum"... we also plan to have lots of other fun stuff at the booth, including our hand-built, table top arcade machine, "the lost arcade", fan art, chip-tune guitar effect pedals from my very own, Luck Duck Pedals... and who knows what else! The event will take place at the DC convention center in August. For details on the event, click here: VGU

We are hard at work prepping for the event (designing banners, poster art, ect.)... but apart from this news, we have of course, been working hard on the game itself... 

Also, wanted to take this time to mention a few things regarding Alum's release: Since the initial kickstarter run, the scope of the game has grown quite a bit, and from what started out as a simple point-and-click game w/ some simple graphics and story, developed into something that we think will be a memorable experience, with a deep story and meaning, and highly detailed scenery & animations (in the scope of pixel style art). That being said, it may takes us a bit longer to release the game than originally stated due to the aforementioned fact, our limited funds, and being that there are only two of us building the game and doing everything else that comes with making a game... don't get me wrong though, we absolutely love it, its just going to take some more time than originally stated, but we think it will be worth the wait and we are super excited to share Alum with you guys, when it is finished.

So yeah... come hang out with us at VGU con, if you can make it. We will be giving out free Alum/crashablestudios bracelets and maybe some other goodies, as well.. and keep checking back for more updates and progress, and when we have a solid date confirmed for release, we will be sure to post it here, our facebook, and the kickstarter page. 

Thanks, God bless!

- Luke


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