Thursday, March 19, 2015

Release Date Details

In order to clear up any confusion about Alums release date, I wanted to do a little post to inform everyone of what's going on.

We originally were going to release February, but the game ended up taking longer than we had anticipated to finish. In a later kickstarter update video (I think it was #24), we mentioned it was pushed back to a March release. So why are we still working on the game and not releasing it to you guys yet? Well, the answer is tricky and multifaceted, but here's my best explanation: 

We originally planned to releases an early version of the game to the kickstarter backers, that would not include the voice-acting in early March. This would give us a chance to bug test the game and fix minor errors, then when the voice-overs were finished being recorded, edited, and put into the game, we would release the complete package via an update download of some sort... BUT, we ended up deciding against doing that because we felt it would detract from the overall experience, and would actually be sort of a disservice to our kickstarter backers. We want to release the best possible game, "out of the gate" to everyone, all at once.

Another reason for the delay is that we ended up adding a few minor things to the game that we decided would be cool and would add to the experience. For example, I made an "overview" version of Kosmos city when you use the "eye" action on the city. We also incorporated a run animation during frantic sequences. A few things like that have been added as sort of "icing on the cake", if you will.

So, basically we want to release a complete version of the game that is polished and includes the voice-overs, is play-tested, and bug-free (cross my heart hope to die). Hence the extra wait time for release. Anyway, enough jabbering about development struggles. 

The game is going to be released on May 15, 2015. Thank you all so much for your patience.

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